phone sex lips

10) I’m allowed to say “fuck”…even highly encouraged. (Got in trouble for this at my last job!)
9) I don’t have to be ashamed for being “horny at work”.
8) The dress code is SEXY! Birthday suits are always welcome.
7) I don’t have to leave my house! Gas ain’t cheap these days, yo!
6) Finding out what other people’s kinks are…and adopting some I liked for myself!
5) My phone is a tax write-off.
4) My apartment is a tax write-off. Well, at least part of it.
3) I have the safest sex of anyone I know!
2) Every single day is different!
1) Getting paid to masturbate!
Yup…it’s a decent life I live in the phonesex biz. I love talking to new guys. I love my regulars. I feel very sorry for people stuck in a cubicle, having to trek to the water cooler to get 3 mins to be social. I have always been a big talker, and so for me it is great to be able to gab and flirt and tease all day long. Plus, I love knowing for sure I’ve satisfied my customers!
Ok, enough bragging, talk to you all soon, I hope!


Hello boys…it’s that time again…time for me to bear my dirty little soul to you all on here, giving you a rare inside peek into the world of phone sex…

Today I’d like to give tips to my callers about how to have absolute best experience on a phonesex call!

First of all, don’t be shy! There is nothing we haven’t heard—no kink, desire, or inclination that we haven’t experienced before from a caller. So don’t worry about bringing up what you really want—we won’t judge! Let it all hang out!

Second, it’s YOUR fantasy! Role-playing is one of the best parts of the job! We all could use a little time away from the realities of our lives, so take the time to indulge. Since it’s a fantasy, take it all the way! Be who you want to be, and we’ll be who you want us to be!

Third, take it slow. I know, I know, it’s your “dime”, but don’t rush in so much you can’t enjoy one of the best parts of sex- foreplay! The more you let me “rev” you up, the more rewarding your climax will be!

Lastly, don’t’ forget to tell us we pleased you! Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve satisfied our customers!

That’s it for now boy! Happy, horny dialing! xoxo