Another throwback Thursday is here! And yes, we love movies and we love sex. So why not combine the two together? This cover is from 2012. Bring out the popcorn and fuck instantly!

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Are people still talking about the Oscars? Well here’s something that the men can enjoy. Part 2 of our throwback version from 2013! You can thank us by giving us a call…

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Sorry for posting this so late, I completely forgot tonight was the night! Well here is our throwback version of the Oscars from 2013! Enjoy ;)

P.S. I’m also aware that my use of #tbt isn’t appropriate because it’s not Thursday yet. But no fucks given over here.

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Was just surfing the interwebz when I came across this. Pretty vintage, I bet you’re getting a boner just looking at this hot, blonde retro chick!

This to me is a sign that phone sex is NOT going away anytime soon. There are many dangers that come with newer technologies like web cam – the probability of someone hacking into your computer and stealing your personal information while the camera is on is very likely. Who wants THAT kind of hassle? Not me! It’s better to stay anonymous IMHO.


From GQ: Ari Graynor, star of the hit film For a Good Time, Call, gives her tips for “idiot-proof” phone sex:

GQ: Before we get started, do you have any general tips?
Ari Graynor: Well, the rules of phone sex are much like the rules of life: Be open-minded, nonjudgmental, creative, a good listener.

GQ: Those also translate well to actual sex.
Ari Graynor: To all person-to-person interactions. Moral is: There’s a lot to be learned from phone sex!

GQ: So I’ll start with something like: Hello, this is Winifred, and you’ve reached 1-800-PHONE-SEX! Where we do things like…have phone sex.
Ari Graynor: Um…okay. It’s all about the tone of the voice. Pretend you’re excited. Everything the other person says just makes you tickle with utmost delight!

GQ: Got it. Let me tell you what I’m wearing—I’m in one of those loooong, looose maxi dresses from the Gap.
Ari Graynor: Maybe you could say it’s from Gap Body? That sounds more intimate.

GQ: And how does one get to the action? Would So what are you doing…? suffice?
Ari Graynor: If you’re really running a phone-sex line—for money or for comedy—you would want people to be on the phone for a long time. Start off with small talk. Get to know each other. It could be Oh, you live in Detroit? I hear it’s diiirty there. Have fun with adjectives. They should relate to feelings, colors, or textures. Like, if I asked you: What are you doing right now? You could say: I’m writing… C’mon!

GQ: …I’m doing an interview. It’s sooo hard.
Ari Graynor: Yes! I’m turned on already.

GQ: I’m stretching right now. I don’t know if you can hear me.
Ari Graynor: No, I can. You’re getting very limber, and I like it. Are you flexible?

GQ: If I’m standing straight, I can bend my hands down to, like, my knees?
Ari Graynor: Um, maybe: Oh yeeeeah. I can go all the way down.

GQ: Question: How crucial is variety?
Ari Graynor: Well, it would really be up to your phantom caller. Let them run the show. Some of our callers gave location-specific requests. In your office. Or the supermarket, talking about all of the fruits. Try to keep it in one world.

GQ: I don’t think I can mention private parts, because my co-workers can hear me.
Ari Graynor: Okay. I still feel like you learned a lot.

GQ: Is there any etiquette after everyone is, you know, finished?
Ari Graynor: Well, I think it’s only polite to say thank you. You’ve been through something together. People have given their bodies and souls—and potentially some body fluids.

GQ: Got it. Thank you, Ari.
Ari Graynor: Thank you.

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For a Good Time Call, the upcoming movie about phone sex starring Seth Rogen and Ari Graynor, premiered in New York Tuesday night. We’re looking very forward to this movie. And so should you.

Did you know semen can trigger ovulation? We didn’t either.

On another semen note, evidently it contains “mood-altering” chemicals that are beneficial to a woman’s health. Good news for men or best news? Men have now petitioned governments worldwide to make blowjobs part of your “five a day”. Are women skeptical? Probably. Should they be? Not according to this study.

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