The ultimate MILF, your friends hot fucking mom, the older lady you constantly fantasize about, the one your dick gets a MAJOR boner for. No introduction needed here! And stay tuned, we’ve got something coming your way and it’s sexy! ;)

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Another throwback Thursday is here! And yes, we love movies and we love sex. So why not combine the two together? This cover is from 2012. Bring out the popcorn and fuck instantly!

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Are people still talking about the Oscars? Well here’s something that the men can enjoy. Part 2 of our throwback version from 2013! You can thank us by giving us a call…

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Sorry for posting this so late, I completely forgot tonight was the night! Well here is our throwback version of the Oscars from 2013! Enjoy ;)

P.S. I’m also aware that my use of #tbt isn’t appropriate because it’s not Thursday yet. But no fucks given over here.

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