Didn’t think another wrinkle in the Petraeus-Broadwell-Allen-Kelley scandal (enough hyphens?) would involve phone sex? Think again. Turns out the emails between Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley weren’t harmless. They were salacious, sexual and resembled phone sex more than anything. We’re delighted by this news.

Measure B, requiring actors starring in adult films produced in Los Angeles County to wear condoms, passed 56%-44% on November 6th. There are reasonable arguments to be made in favor of and in opposition to the measure. Those in favor cite the spread of STDs as a public health concern and thus within the purview of regulation. Opponents argue the measure is an encroachment on First Amendment rights and reflects a broader trend of the erosion of civil liberties. We fall somewhere in the middle of this debate, not out of lack of principle but as a general acknowledgment that the issue is complicated. Having said that, no one likes condoms in their porn. With that in mind, we oppose the measure. Hang loose and free!

And a fire ignited at a spa raided for a prostitution ring. We know prostitution can be hot, but didn’t know it could get this hot…

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Am I the only one getting horny for the holidays? I hope not. And I certainly hope those who don’t have wives or children are not getting down on themselves- especially those who have no plans. Holidays are so much about families that single folks like me can sometimes feel sort of left behind. Thankfully, as a proud phone sex girl, my holiday, while not filled with turkey and stuffing, won’t be lonely at all. After all, we have each other! And like I mentioned, I get extra randy during this season. I’m not sure why—the cold nights? The togetherness I see all around me? The feeling of soft winter fleece against my skin…who knows?

What I do know is that NO MAN should let Thanksgiving pass without getting a little love and I’m making that a goal this year: Instead of “no man shall go hungry”, I’m pushing for “no man shall go horny”! I’m going to put in that extra effort these next few weeks with all my callers because I want you guys to know that you are not alone. I want you guys to stuff my bird, mash my metaphorical potatoes, and enjoy my deliciously sweet pumpkin pie. I’ve got a smorgasbord of sexy for you, so don’t you dare let this holiday pass feeling alone and sorry for yourself! Let’s CUM TOGETHER, you and I, and give each other the gift of love, no matter how fleeting. You have no one to blame but yourself if you spend Thanksgiving at home eating a microwaved meal—not when I’m waiting for my phone to ring!
Now, those of you who ARE being invited to a Thanksgiving dinner somewhere…I still want you guys too! Maybe you can slip away from Uncle-whoever’s stories, sneak into a private room, and dial me up. Actually, the idea of you guys stroking yourself at my command in the back bedrooms and bathrooms of your friends’ and families’ homes makes me want to rub one out right now! I’ve always been a thrill-seeker when it comes to sex, and I don’t know…the idea of getting you off with grandma just down the hall…..mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That’s the naughty girl in me who liked to f*ck on my parents bed back in high school. I LOOOOOOOOVE thinking of where you’ll be hiding when you call me, c*ck already hard from just the thrill of sneaking off…knowing what we are about to do. Unzipping your pants, worried someone will approach the door any minute…that first feeling when you unleash your beast from your boxers, skin touching skin as your hands glides along the smooth shaft…Good god I need to get a call right now…I’ve gotten myself all worked up! Where will you sneak off to when you call me? I’m literally wet and waiting, my dears, so give yourself what you deserve this Thanksgiving…a cornucopia of CUM…explosions of joy…a pilgrimage to my pussy…
Phone is in hand right now boys. Hope to hear your moans soon!

Your favorite sexy bitch,


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