Counting down to summer! Are you excited? I sure as hell am! Like the pervert that I truly am, I don’t go to the beach to swim…I go to the beach to people watch! Yep. So many ladies will be out and about, wearing less and showing more as it gets hotter. I seriously can’t wait!

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Holy fuck. This picture makes me wet, and I consider myself to be straight! A big, black, sassy-looking shemale, a true Queen who will make you kneel and lick the floor she walks on. I bet you she likes being Top Bitch, and I don’t blame her; there just seems to be no other way around it. Her soft cock already looks big too, I only wonder how much bigger it will get when it’s rock hard! Of course she’ll probably make you beg for it, and put you in a lot of pain…but you like that, don’t you? It’s gonna hurt so good when she FINALLY decides to fuck you with it. No doubt your mouth is watering & can’t wait to be her bottom bitch!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an ASS GIF. Like seriously, life is hard when you have to sift thru Tumblr to find the best porn GIFs (sarcasm)…I mean, there’s SO MUCH fucking porn out there (truth)! Heck yeah I’m super perverted and all but sometimes I’m just dumbfounded at the pervertedness that is blatantly out there! So I hope you are being a responsible parent and not allowing your kids to see it. Trust me, they’ll have PLENTY of time to watch porn when they turn 18.

So I got sidetracked with my little rant. My fucking morals get in the way sometimes :/


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Happy Throwback Thursday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a throwback mailer. I think it was a good idea to recycle these into digital format, don’t ya think? Nothing goes to waste, everything is recycled. It’s like when I finally tell my open-minded friends that I’m a phone sex operator, the VERY first thing they always say is “WTF, phone sex is STILL around??” Abso-fucking-lutely YES, believe it or not. It’s safer than prostitution, I’ll tell you that. So like I said, nothing ever really goes away.

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As you already know, I am pretty much obsessed with shemales aka chicks with dicks. I never even knew I would have such an obsession until I entered the wacky, weird world of phone sex. I just wanted to share with you a very sexy woman I stumbled upon while browsing on YouTube. Her name is Elizabeth Toppz and I am enthralled by her:

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Life is pretty hard when you’re young & horny like me; like ALL I think about is sex. Is this normal? I can’t even concentrate sometimes, there’s days when I’m LITERALLY squirming in my seat and having wet, gushy dreams in class! To the point where it feels as if I peed myself. Guys my age wanna sext but for real…I wanna get fucked, pounded, slammed. I dream about an older man with a thick fucking cock. OMG, I can’t believe I just said that…😳

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