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Recent research reports that the average man has sexual thoughts about 400 or more times per day. Although, on the average, men think of sex more often than women, a typical female also has multiple sexual thoughts each day.
Studies also show that smart phones and texting have revolutionized how people communicate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the quick, easy and private communication method of texting combined with men and women’s sexual thoughts and desires to create the popular trend known as sexting.

What is it?

Sexual texting is using a smart phone or other digital device like a tablet to share sexually explicit thoughts, ideas, photographs or videos in a completely private manner.

Is it a safe way to enjoy phone sex?

Sexually charged, short, text messages or sexual images can be easily, discretely and safely exchanged between consenting adults without worry. By using your smart phone, no one will overhear your sexual exchanges nor will anyone be involved in the processing of photos or videos.

What are the most common advantages to sending sext messages?

There are many sexting advantages besides having a deeper sense of privacy and confidentiality. You can send sexy texts or images from anywhere you are–and receive them anywhere you are–providing you have access to your smart phone.
You can also reread or review text or images that have been sent to you, or review text or images you have sent by saving them on your phone.
Uploading or downloading photos or videos on the internet may be traced while sending photos or videos via texting is far more secure.
Sharing sexy phone texts is a safe way to enjoy sexual excitement and release without worries about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Is sending sexual texts considered cheating?

Psychologists agree that sexual fantasies are completely normal, and many people experience them frequently. Sexual fantasies can enhance your relationship with your sex partner and add a new layer of excitement even to a long-term relationship that may appear to have gone stale.
Sending sexual text messages or photos is a form of safe sex where there’s no physical contact, so for many people, it is not considered cheating but just a form of healthy fantasy and sexual titillation.

Can I sext someone from work or school?

Sharing sext messages is possible anywhere you can make a phone call. No one can hear or see what you’re doing, so you can sext anytime you have some spare time and want to partake in some sexual fun. Go ahead, sext on your lunch hour or as a break from studying in the university library. If you have someone who enjoys sharing sexual fantasies or photos with you, sending sexually themed text messages is a great way to add spice and sexual excitement to your relationship.

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