Thank youuuu internet for all the sexy pictures! If it wasn’t for the internet, I’d actually have to get dressed, leave the comforts of my cozy bedroom, go outside my apartment, pick up a local smut newspaper (do they still have those?) or drive to the seedy parts of my neighborhood to attempt to look for a sheman. And probably not even a good-looking one! ::shivers:: Sorry but crossdressers & transvestites just don’t do it for me like a real shemale does. WOW! I found this on Tumblr and had to post on here! Enjoy. xx

Call 800-WET-TSTV


nice ass for phone sex

Oh boys…how I’ve missed writing you these last few days. Well, it’s because I’ve been working my sexy round ass off! You see, since I take such great pride in what I do, I’m always looking for ways to improve. My latest challenge has been getting even better at building the visual pictures for my clients. Sure, my moaning goes a long way, but my descriptions could be even better. Like I mentioned my sexy round ass…I could take that a lot further, couldn’t I? I could tell you that I’ve got an apple-bottom shape, with a low crack like you’d find in one of those old English or Roman paintings of a woman lounging naked on a bed. I could tell you that it is firm enough to bounce a quarter off of, and has the nicest rebound bounce when you spank it! I could tell you the size of my beloved booty is exaggerated by the fact that it tapers into a tiny little waist PERFECT for holding onto we you’ve got my flipped around in doggie-style. I could tell you that despite my overall petite figure, that I’m thicker in the thighs, offering the best cushion for the pushin’, as they say.
See what fun words can be? I could explain my breasts—instead of the usual boring old size (naturally large C, maybe small D cup) I could go on to tell you that my areolas are the most lovely terracotta-mixed-with-pink color. They are on the larger size, but the nipples themselves are tiny and cute, and perfect for sucking and nibbling…
Yes, I’m working on painting a picture worth a thousand words. I want to make sure your c*ck responds EXACTLY how I want it to: popping up at full attention. Because this body DESERVES a throbbing rod ready for it. See…what I do is an art, and I’ve got all the right tools.