What happens when a social media site gets popular and hits “critical mass”? Adult content makes its debut.

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan spoke at the RNC last night. What a guy. We’re supposed to get to know the personal histories of our presidential and vice presidential candidates, right? After all, we’re potentially electing them to the most consequential offices in the land. So here’s an important question – what does Mr. Ryan do behind closed doors? Evidently we’re not the only ones who are curious.

Speaking of the RNC, some guy was offered a blowjob at one of the “wrap up” events. Blowjobs, RNC, wrap up events… awesome.

Porn pirates are on the open seas. What does this mean? It means anyone committing porn copyright infringement should take a look port and starboard before going any further.

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Could the person sitting next to you at the library be watching porn?

Mandatory condom use in adult films on the ballot this fall in LA County. Who wants to see condoms in their porn? And should it be mandatory between two consenting adults? More on this later.

Iran wants Facebook’s help with fighting porn. Good luck with that.