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Taking a little break to post vintage pulp covers. I am pretty amused by these right now, as I love the alluring illustrations and their oneliners to hook you in. When you were a kid you probably stumbled upon your dear old dad’s nudie magazines and opened up a whole new world. And now as an adult you are looking at nudes through your cell phone. As the world turns, sex is timeless and will never go out of style. It’s the one thing that will keep the human population going. If the world ended today, guess who will be doing the dirty deed? Microscopic organisms…and cockroaches!

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tumblr_mpmd0b5qIi1s5sgl7o1_500tumblr_n3dau6MXAC1qhuqtzo1_500"Nympho Librarian" by Les Tucker (Jake  Moskovitz) New York: Bee-Line Press, [1970] Cover by Paul RaderFabian-Z-156-1962-600x946Candid-Reader-CA968-1969-600x991Candid-Reader-CA986-1969-600x99544705037-5835259906_ea7e3cf663_o1-600x1008

Source: Pulp Covers


According to this article at the Huffington Post, most Americans value their mobile phones more than they do sex (see infographic above). If you think about it, that’s not such a bad thing for us really. What is my freakin’ point, you ask? These statistics prove that the world is becoming more virtual and we are in the right place to be right now because we can combine the things that you love and serve it up to you: sex + mobile phones = mobile phone sex!! Yup, we’re pretty fucking smart and you know you love us over here at So when you’re horny be sure to visit us on your phone, k? Can’t wait to phone fuck you! xoxox

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For those who like to read: If you obsess about phone sex as much as I do, I stumbled upon a blog (albeit old) that I thought was very interesting, funny and still relevant to what we do. Check it out: Operator 15

Here is a really good one: My All Time Favorite Call


Was just surfing the interwebz when I came across this. Pretty vintage, I bet you’re getting a boner just looking at this hot, blonde retro chick!

This to me is a sign that phone sex is NOT going away anytime soon. There are many dangers that come with newer technologies like web cam – the probability of someone hacking into your computer and stealing your personal information while the camera is on is very likely. Who wants THAT kind of hassle? Not me! It’s better to stay anonymous IMHO.


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