It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. In case you’re wondering who is the writer of all these phone sex blog posts for the last 8 years or so, it is me. Though I am not an actual phone sex operator, I have been behind the scenes doing promotional & marketing work for a long time.

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Otherwise, if you just want phone sex

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I don’t know about you but I fucking work A LOT. I’m also alone, A LOT.

There isn’t much to do at this job. I mean, there is but at the same time, there isn’t. Hours go by when there’s literally NO ONE around.

Sooo yeah, believe it or not I get pretty fucking horny…at work. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right? Like, I have a stable ass job with benefits and shit. And I don’t want to lose it, okay?

But still, I daydream of having a thick cock in my mouth. That meaty, sweaty, musky, hard AF, I-worked-all-fucking-day-out-in-the-sun type of cock. A BIG, HARD, working class dick that will rough me up and make me choke on it. It makes my mouth fucking water and it makes me wanna touch myself…

Before I make myself cum because of my hornyass imagination, give me a call? I would love to phonefuck to a HOTASS voice RIGHT NOW…

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I wanna ride you til you CUM, babe!!

No need to make it more than it needs to be.
I’m horny, you’re horny.
Let’s phonefuck and degrade the fuck out of each other then.😘

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I got taxes on my mind yall, so I’m updating this post. But then maybe you’re a freak and would like me to say tax terms to you while you stroke it?

In that case, call me for some voice sex…😘📱😘

Hope you got your damn taxes done on time. But if you haven’t, let us help you procrastinate even further. Not quite a #tbt but more of a way back Wednesday, this one is from 2013! Come back tomorrow to see part 2! :)

Callย 1-800-ASK-4SEX


Click for Part 2 of Incum Tax Time!


No one is noticing my legendary hat because of mom.

Xavier: Do you need step father?

Life as a kid must be hard when your mom is way too young and way too fucking sexy, literally attracting more attention than you. She’s doing it “for the gram” in those skintight outfits and you’re probably traumatized by it. In your subconscious mind, you might even get horny and have “wet” dreams of your own mother!

Do you remember her breastfeeding you when you were little, which makes you want to grope and suck on her titties now?

Did she ever undress or change clothes in front of you so your model of a grown woman is your mom?

What in the actual fuck…

Is it your fault tho that your mom makes herself look that way?

Don’t blame yourself for having such dirty, nasty, incestuous thoughts.

Phone sex therapy will alleviate your issues with Mommy in the meantime. Talk it out with me, and stroke it if you have to. Confess to me what you cannot EVER tell a soul!

You know what to do, honey…I’ll be waiting for your call!

Call 1-800-HOTMILF

I’m writing this real quickie style to let yall know I’m here and I’m horny AF!! So fuckin horny that I gotta rub my dripping wet pussy on a pillow. Ohhh it feels REALLY wet and slimy down there. It’s hard to give all the details so someone please call me rn before it goes away, I’d love to get off with someone!

Call 1-800-BIG-TITS

Naughty mommy at it again! Gosh you guys, I haven’t gotten laid in SO FUCKING LONG so when my 22 year old son brought his homie over to play video games I literally turned into a Cougar Gone Hunting. Not sure what came over me tbh but I was burning with desire and he knew it!

I really can’t tell you all about it here because that would spoil the fun and make you hard without calling me first! Unless you’re one of those guys who don’t like to cum to a sexy voice like mine well in that case…DON’T call me ;)

Call 1-800-HOTMILF

Wow dudes. I haven’t blogged on here in FOREVER and there are even more subscribers now. WTF?

Well that makes me happy…and WET actually! Dripping. fucking. WET.

Because let’s be honest – the pandemic has made everyone sick of the people they live with in real life and horny as fuck for all the smoking hot, sex worker sluts you see online.

So we fucking win and I still get mad horny when I talk to random guys on the phone.

Call me for a hot and horny phonefuck before I lose interest:


No offense but young guys in their early 20’s to 30’s are just…OK.

Sure they’re cute, young and hot…especially when they take good care of themselves. But at the same time they can be vain, a total jerk and really only cares about himself. They just don’t know shit about women yet.

Now older guys on the other hand โ€“ about in their late 30’s to almost 50, even up to 55 โ€“ let me just say…WOW. Not quite young but not quite old, just in between. Especially when they have a girlfriend or even better โ€“ married with kids.

Okay so I’m about to sound like a fucking homewrecker slut here but I don’t give a fuck and let me tell you why:

Older guys in this group are not only good looking but also responsible and caring. They have responsibilities to their girlfriend or wife, kids and their job which means โ€“ they know when and when not to be alpha and they know how to fuck.

Let me repeat that: older guys know how to fuck.

So please, if you’re that guy…call me, pretty please?

I need a father figure to stand close to me. Put your hands on my thighs and pull up my skirt, push me down on the couch, spank me hard and discipline me. I want to be spanked with your rough hand until I whimper and cry and my cheeks are reddish pink.😭😭😭

And I really want to suck that hard, thick, veiny cock.

I promise not to stalk you and your family, Daddy. I just want to be your secret homewrecking slut on the side. Love you, Daddy! Hope you’ll see me soon! xo

Call 1-800-SEXTALK