No offense but young guys in their early 20’s to 30’s are just…OK.

Sure they’re cute, young and hot…especially when they take good care of themselves. But at the same time they can be vain, a total jerk and really only cares about himself. They just don’t know shit about women yet.

Now older guys on the other hand โ€“ about in their late 30’s to almost 50, even up to 55 โ€“ let me just say…WOW. Not quite young but not quite old, just in between. Especially when they have a girlfriend or even better โ€“ married with kids.

Okay so I’m about to sound like a fucking homewrecker slut here but I don’t give a fuck and let me tell you why:

Older guys in this group are not only good looking but also responsible and caring. They have responsibilities to their girlfriend or wife, kids and their job which means โ€“ they know when and when not to be alpha and they know how to fuck.

Let me repeat that: older guys know how to fuck.

So please, if you’re that guy…call me, pretty please?

I need a father figure to stand close to me. Put your hands on my thighs and pull up my skirt, push me down on the couch, spank me hard and discipline me. I want to be spanked with your rough hand until I whimper and cry and my cheeks are reddish pink.😭😭😭

And I really want to suck that hard, thick, veiny cock.

I promise not to stalk you and your family, Daddy. I just want to be your secret homewrecking slut on the side. Love you, Daddy! Hope you’ll see me soon! xo

Call 1-800-SEXTALK


6 thoughts on “Older Guys Only, Please.

  1. I need a big cocj shemale to forc me down on her big hard cofj then throw me face down on the floor and rape my sissy ass hard as he can….and do anything else she wants to do to me

  2. Im an older man ill be 50 on the 29th of April. I have noticed that younger women 30 to 40 yo are wanting guys my age. One of their friends fucked an older man and had the best fuck of her life. Thats the story they tell me . Its true i can say that with confidence. We fuck all night were not 2 pumps and a squirt. Were experienced we know what she needs and we take our time . so thank u. It is my pleasure making ur bells ring. If any women want to chat let me know we can get in touch one way or another.

  3. Im a 65 yo male who very much enjoy oral sex both giving and receiving.any females that wana hook up get in touch (I also love phone sex)

  4. So the three out of the four messages huh are all going to be by Roberts all different ones that’s crazy we are some must be some sick bastards we all know everyone else is here so I might as well admit to it too I like what I like 54 years old and I like the fresh off The farm baby the fresher the better and helps if you have a little bit of a you know experience from Daddy I’m sure he showed you from the farm hi baby girl come on let’s suck buck eat lick daddy going to give you a brand new pic

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