Dirty details about the wildest scenarios clients “fantasized” about.

“I think phone sex helps people to live out their fantasies where they can’t in real life.” – Alena G.

These are some confessions we have gathered which depict some of the strange requests PSOs have experienced. Enjoy:

• Buying Condoms

“Probably by far the weirdest one was an old guy (in his 60s or 70s) who wanted me to pretend to be a cashier who sold him condoms. For literally hours, he would pretend he was buying condoms. I would say the same lines over and over again ‘getting lucky tonight?’ ‘Your total is $3.75’ ‘would you like a receipt?’ and ‘good luck!’ Each successive time, he would change his penis size. So crazy – I wish I was making this stuff up.”
–  Faith S.

• The Ghost in The Diaper

“I had a guy who wanted to pretend to be a ghost that lived inside my diaper, and I was supposed to talk to him as if he was my diaper. ‘O diaper, you’re so soft on my bottom…oh!’ I think I’m going to tinkle soon, diaper… I’m going to make you all warm and wet…I wasn’t sure how to feel about this one but it sure was fun and made me smile when it was over and done…on to the next.”
– Rose M.

• The Bad Girl

“He wanted me to describe myself as a ‘bad girl’ and tell him about all my piercings and tattoos and why I got them. Of course, I didn’t have any but pretending is the name of the game. He wanted to paint my nails black and asked me why I was such a bad girl and why I needed a bare bottom spanking. He wanted me to get on his lap and bite down on my lip until it was sore – then described how he put his fingers in my mouth to see how wet it was. This wasn’t like a normal Dom/sub interaction, but I felt he was in need of taking some form of control. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.”
– Molly M.

• Animal Costumes

“Wanted me to pretend I was dressed up in one of those plush animal costumes. He wanted us to be two squirrels fighting over his nuts. Although this did not make sense to me, this was the first time hearing such a fetish. I went along with it and proceeded to make rodent sounds to the best of my ability. It turned out to be crazy fun and I really got into it!”
– Hannah S.

• The Voyeur

“He wanted me to open all my windows and turn on all the lights and pleasure myself in the nude while he watched with binoculars from across the street. He asked if I lived in an area surrounded by other houses or buildings and I said yes. I told him I live in an apartment building in a congested city where you can’t look out your own window without a view of someone’s kitchen or living room. I can’t say this is the strangest thing anyone has ever requested – but I did it, because I love my job…and love being a dirty, nasty girl.”
– Gabrielle A.

• Just Want to Talk

“I’ve had a caller who wanted me to cheer him up before. He didn’t want sex, he just wanted someone to talk to. He had just lost his job, and his daughter was reassigned custody to her mother because he had to move cities for a new job. He was so nice, and I really felt for him. I ended up not charging him.”
– Jennifer L.

As you can see Fetishes, and the wide variety of people who call, are widespread – and are not abnormal in ANY way.

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