Everyone knows that men are more likely to watch and enjoy pornography than women. In fact, it is hard to find a man in the prime of life who doesn’t look at porn at least a few times a month. But did you know the number of women logging on to internet porn sites is higher than ever? Some studies suggest that 60% of women look at internet porn!

Still, the numbers are far higher for men. Single males watch about an hour of porn a week to satisfy their sexual urges; men in relationships watch about half of that. Not included in these numbers are all the men who call up phone sex services for a little fun. The operators can give live stimulation for your imagination.

One thing that draws many people to porn is that they can enjoy whatever type of sex they enjoy without embarrassment or shame. For lots of people, sexual inhibition has to do with being uncomfortable with what you enjoy when in the presence of another person. Many people assume women have more sexual inhibitions than men and this may be a reason for the rising number of women looking at porn.

Being inhibited can limit your ability to have happy, healthy sex with another person. Both men and women suffer inhibitions. Society often tells us that liking sex is dirty or shameful, a false notion that can inhibit the expression of sexuality. Thinking what we are doing is bad in some way can make us feel uncomfortable, shy and even ashamed while doing it. It makes sense that these feelings would get in the way of feeling confident.

Another common sexual inhibition for both genders is the idea of doing sex โ€œwrongโ€. For instance, one in three people feel embarrassed that they may make too much noise during sex. This inhibits them from fully expressing themselves during sex. Having negative body image that makes you worry about appearing unattractive during sex can also prohibit you from letting go and really enjoying yourself.

So the question is, of course, how to overcome these inhibitions. Getting rid of negative feelings about sex in general is key to letting go of inhibition and enjoying a full sex life. Perhaps the best way to do so is to live an active fantasy life. In your imagination, you can envision yourself as uninhibited. And if you can imagine it, you can do it. Phone sex and pornography can both lend to this healthy imagining of yourself more sexually confident.

Turning to a phone sex operator to practice being confident with your sexuality is a great way to overcome the inhibitions that are making you too timid to enjoy the things you like.

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