I’m so confused right now, I’m experiencing all kinds of feels. Remember that one time I talked about my slutty mom? Well guess what, that fucking cunt did it again!

I already knew she was a whore (I mean, she does sex work for a living), but being my mom and all – I didn’t think she would take it there! Would you? I thought she loved and cared about me, like a mother should! What is it with thirsty women – they always seem to want other people’s property?! Well I guess my mom wanted MY property – I thought my boyfriend would be stronger than that, but I guess my mom “seduced” him and whatnot. Gross.

Anyway it happened when I came home from work early one evening, unexpectedly. I wasn’t feeling so good so I asked if I could go home.

It was quiet in the house when I got there, I wasn’t sure if anyone was home. But then I started to hear a faint moaning coming from her bedroom, and I knew it was my mom. I figured it was one of her “virtual” clients whom she regularly fucks via webcam so I ignored it.

But then I started to hear someone else groan…someone much younger and it sounded like my boyfriend! I swear to God.

But still, I didn’t make my presence known. All kinds of thoughts were racing through my head and my heart was beating really fast. I was mad as hell but at the same time, I was also kinda curious. Curious because I’m a bigtime voyeur. Watching real people have sex is kind of a turn on for me. It may seem super gross to think about my mom and my boyfriend doing it – but actually, my mom is hot. I know this for a fact because everytime we go out, she gets ogled by guys and she gets hit on A LOT. It’s disgusting but it’s the truth, it’s been like this eversince I was a kid. My mom goes all out when she goes out – makeup, high heels, nails done, skintight jeans or a dress that shows off her figure with her tits popping out just enough that you HAVE to look. There was never a time when she wasn’t all dolled up – she even has makeup on when she goes to the gym! Seriously, WTF.

Anyway, so I stayed quiet as I could – slowly creeping up the carpeted stairs and tiptoeing on the hallway. The door was slightly open so I got to hear them do it. It was too risky to push the door so I could peek and have it creak on me, so I just listened. The room has a dim lamp but the hallway was dark so I couldn’t be seen. The sounds they were making sounded really good actually, enough to make me want to touch myself. Sounded like my mom was riding him on top and she was having a blast moaning and groaning with her massive tits out. I could even hear skin on skin action – like her cunt juices must’ve been dripping all over his hard dick as she rode him, her lips and asscheeks slapping against his balls. It probably got her really wet. My boyfriend has a nice dick afterall, even nicer when it’s rock hard.

I don’t know how long they were at it, but I know for a fact that my boyfriend doesn’t last very long, 10-15 minutes max. He’s gonna cum soon.

My mom is almost 40. I’m 19 and my boyfriend is 24. Not sure what to do at this point, but I think I’m not going to say anything for now. I’m gonna work this to my advantage. My revenge is going to be sooooo sweet…

After a few minutes of listening on them which felt like an eternity, I slowly backed out of there. I left the house, drove off and sat in my car for a bit, thinking about stuff. It was definitely a rush for me, so much that I shoved my hand down inside my panties and felt my own wetness.

This means I can get my fuck on too!!

Who will it be though…

Call: 800-455-CUMM

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