It’s no surprise that my mom is a mega.FUCKING.slut. As she’s gotten older, she’s also gotten wayyy hornier and likes to fuck my guy friends behind my back!! I can’t believe I’m even telling you this, but it’s true. I get this weird feeling that she might be fucking my boyfriend too…the way he lights up whenever she pretends to “bother” us. Wearing skin tight tops and showing off her tits. Seriously, WTF! Whose mom does that? Only my trashy, spray-tanned, stripper-shoe wearin’, clit-pierced, slutty-ass mom, that’s who! Fuck my life. Anyway, see for yourself…btw, she really likes young guys like in their early 20’s! Ewww, slut.

Call 888-MOM-SEX-4U


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My Slutty Mom Strikes Again!

Ok I gotta admit, that’s as much Spanish that I know. But who cares anyway? Meet Monica – she’s a smoking hot Latina AND she’s packin’ something “extra”. Oh, and it’s HARD. Oralé!

Call 888-WET-TSTV


Hang out with Melanie. She’s always bored and needs “stuff” to do. Always has boys on her mind and talks nonstop about sex. You can tell by that smirk on her face that she’s up to no good. If you think you can keep up with this cute little chatterbox, give her a call! She might let you spank her for being a pottymouth and she might even call you “Daddy!”

Call 888-ASK-4-PUSSY

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And you know why? Because deep down inside, we ALWAYS know what a guy wants. Just because a girl is slutty doesn’t mean she’s stupid. She gets what she wants and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. So drunk dial us baby & let’s fuck! #easygirls

Call 1-888-WET-FUCK

easy girls phone sex

I’ve been so excited to bring you this post just because I really love this artist’s work. And it’s hard to share this kind of stuff with your regular friends because they may or may not understand and might think you’re some kind of perverted weirdo. Luckily, my anonymous readers & callers understand! ;)

Namio Harukawa draws larger-than-life, overtly sexy women overpowering smaller, weaker men. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do…and get aroused just by looking at it! Thanks again Tumblr for the images.

If you are indeed turned on and feel the urge to be dominated right fucking now,

Call 1-800-919-2BEG


Miko is young and very pretty. She is shy, yet there is a seductive side to her. You can tell she is burning up with desire and really wants to get to know a sexy American man. You should call Miko now and get her to reveal her most secret fantasies!

Call 800-ASK-4-SEX


For those who like to read: If you obsess about phone sex as much as I do, I stumbled upon a blog (albeit old) that I thought was very interesting, funny and still relevant to what we do. Check it out: Operator 15

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