FUN FACT: Did you know pornography has been the most dominate use of the Internet since its inception until very recently? As of then social networking has finally passed porn as society’s Internet habit. But that is beside the point. Check this out:

Welcome to America: Land of the free and home of the most Internet porn in the world. According to a study, USA hosts 60 percent, or 428 million pages, of the world’s porn. The Netherlands, which has 187 million pages for a population of 17 million porn-hungry people, comes in second to the US. The UK came in 3rd with 52 million pages, or about one for every person.

The Netherlands, besides it’s famous sex shows and red light districts, is home of AMSIX or the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, which is the world’s biggest data transport, handling 10 per cent of the planet’s online traffic. What seems to make Holland particularly interesting is that it is a sexually liberal country and that many of the web hosting companies are located there and not regulated much at all. Thus, the dominance of adult material streamed to the population.

Sure, the US is falling behind in a lot of ways, but it’s definitely winning in porn!

What’s surprising is how hard it is to reconcile the contrast between adult material and the things that can’t be shown or said on mainstream TV in the US. We produce most of the adult content in the world, yet censorship on regular TV is so conservative.

And guess what! At the center of all this, California is the heartland of the US porn industry, churning out 66% of all content made in the US as a whole.

According to a web safety expert, it seems cultural factors play a big part in the numbers collected regarding Internet porn saturation in these countries. But the statistics are not based merely on these observations. More so, the figures reflect not where web pornography is consumed, but the countries where ever-growing supplies of dirty pictures and videos are stashed on servers.

Here are some fun statistics you may not have known about Internet Porn:

Every second over $3,000 is spent on Internet pornography
Every second over 28,000 people are viewing Internet pornography
Every second over 370 people are typing adult search terms
Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is created in the USA

After all that, I think it’s safe to say porn isn’t going anywhere. Unless someone shuts down the Internet, pornography will continue to be an online powerhouse.

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