What is Dirty Talk?

Sex play involving sensual/ sexual phrasing in order to drive one’s partner or oneself wild through words and imagination to heighten sexual pleasure before and during sex, expressing wants and needs in the heat of the moment. Here are some good “dirty talking” tips for HOT phone sex action:

Start Slow

· Don’t feel pressured to rush into things.
· A great way to start is by describing out loud what is happening to your body when aroused or what you would like the PSO (Phone Sex Operator) to do to you if she were there.

It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It

· You may use your voice and sounds: moans, groans, sighs; whispering and screaming. You can sound commanding and harsh, submissive and uncertain, and everywhere in between.
· Tell the PSO something you’re going to do and something you want her to do to you right now.
· Give her an ego boost. Talk about her body and tell her about your favorite part of her body.
· Slow down and tell her things in more detail than you normally would.

Watch her breathing
· If she’s very aroused her breathing will be that much heavier.

Be Genuine
· Whatever role you are playing, be it yourself or a specific persona, it needs to include you.
· Including yourself in the role you are playing makes it more authentic and real and in turn more enjoyable.

Find your dirty voice
· When talking dirty you will need to find your own way of doing so. It can be in a deep voice or soft whispers.
· If you are still unsure about talking dirty you can even create a different persona in which you are comfortable.
· Your tone of voice will impact sex talk, because you will have to convey more emotion through the phone since body movement can’t.

Expand your vocabulary
· In a lot of cases your partner might ask you to use “filthy” words or use slang. Try your best to avoid using clinical terms such as penis or vagina.
· If you are at a loss, raunchy books or even watching porn can be a useful source.

· Practice talking dirty when you are alone.
· You can even try masturbating while fantasizing. It might give you a more creative incentive.

Don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive
· Be the boss and tell her exactly what you want her to do.
· You can take turns giving orders.
· After you’ve been the boss for a while, if it suits you, try being a bit more “submissive” and do whatever she wants.

The Soft-core Dirty Talk
The soft-core version is a great way to start with dirty talk. Stick with the words you already know. These work well and you can gradually add new naughty words and phrases here and there during sex. No one said dirty talk has to always be vulgar.

– “I want you so bad.”
– “Your wish is my command.”
– “I love the things you do with your tongue.”
– “I love what you’re doing with your lips”
– “I love it when you touch me there”
– “I love kissing your neck”
– “Baby, don’t stop! Oh my god, I love it when you do that!”
– “I can’t believe what you’re doing! Please don’t stop!”

The Hard-core Dirty Talk
Swear words and slang words.
– “I want you to rub your pussy all over my face”
– “I want to spread my juices all over your tits”
– “Tell me how you play with yourself”
– “Lie back and shut your mouth. I’m going to make you cum until you can’t breathe!”
– “Touch yourself and let me watch you”
– “Shut up! Ill fuck you whenever I want, naughty little whore!”
– “I’m your slave for the night. Tell me what you want.”
– “Do you like my big cock? Tell me what you see. Describe it to me.”
– “Don’t you dare cum until I say you can!”
– “Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart…and wait like a good girl.”
– “Spread your legs wide for me, sweet darling. Your body is mine tonight.”
– “You little slut, I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk! Ready?”
– “I could spend hours between your legs; teasing…lapping; sipping; tasting you.”
– “Come over here, bad girl, and lick my balls before I explode in your face.”

Hope this helps…Have fun…

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Dirty details about the wildest scenarios clients “fantasized” about.

“I think phone sex helps people to live out their fantasies where they can’t in real life.” – Alena G.

These are some confessions we have gathered which depict some of the strange requests PSOs have experienced. Enjoy:

• Buying Condoms

“Probably by far the weirdest one was an old guy (in his 60s or 70s) who wanted me to pretend to be a cashier who sold him condoms. For literally hours, he would pretend he was buying condoms. I would say the same lines over and over again ‘getting lucky tonight?’ ‘Your total is $3.75’ ‘would you like a receipt?’ and ‘good luck!’ Each successive time, he would change his penis size. So crazy – I wish I was making this stuff up.”
–  Faith S.

• The Ghost in The Diaper

“I had a guy who wanted to pretend to be a ghost that lived inside my diaper, and I was supposed to talk to him as if he was my diaper. ‘O diaper, you’re so soft on my bottom…oh!’ I think I’m going to tinkle soon, diaper… I’m going to make you all warm and wet…I wasn’t sure how to feel about this one but it sure was fun and made me smile when it was over and done…on to the next.”
– Rose M.

• The Bad Girl

“He wanted me to describe myself as a ‘bad girl’ and tell him about all my piercings and tattoos and why I got them. Of course, I didn’t have any but pretending is the name of the game. He wanted to paint my nails black and asked me why I was such a bad girl and why I needed a bare bottom spanking. He wanted me to get on his lap and bite down on my lip until it was sore – then described how he put his fingers in my mouth to see how wet it was. This wasn’t like a normal Dom/sub interaction, but I felt he was in need of taking some form of control. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.”
– Molly M.

• Animal Costumes

“Wanted me to pretend I was dressed up in one of those plush animal costumes. He wanted us to be two squirrels fighting over his nuts. Although this did not make sense to me, this was the first time hearing such a fetish. I went along with it and proceeded to make rodent sounds to the best of my ability. It turned out to be crazy fun and I really got into it!”
– Hannah S.

• The Voyeur

“He wanted me to open all my windows and turn on all the lights and pleasure myself in the nude while he watched with binoculars from across the street. He asked if I lived in an area surrounded by other houses or buildings and I said yes. I told him I live in an apartment building in a congested city where you can’t look out your own window without a view of someone’s kitchen or living room. I can’t say this is the strangest thing anyone has ever requested – but I did it, because I love my job…and love being a dirty, nasty girl.”
– Gabrielle A.

• Just Want to Talk

“I’ve had a caller who wanted me to cheer him up before. He didn’t want sex, he just wanted someone to talk to. He had just lost his job, and his daughter was reassigned custody to her mother because he had to move cities for a new job. He was so nice, and I really felt for him. I ended up not charging him.”
– Jennifer L.

As you can see Fetishes, and the wide variety of people who call, are widespread – and are not abnormal in ANY way.

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Curious about sex? How about a global tour of the best sex museums in the world? Want to spice up your love life or just have a sexy excursion with a certain female in your life? These are some of the greatest sex and erotic art museums in the world and they are all open to the public. So delve deep into your innermost sexuality and encounter the erotic experience of a lifetime.

Here are the top six on our list:

1. Venustempel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Venustempel, otherwise known as the Temple of Venus, is the world’s first and oldest sex museum. It is located at the center of Amsterdam and observes many aspects of sensual love through the ages. This museum displays an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, recordings and more. Venustempel embodies the highly sexualized nature of the city, showcasing 4,000 year-old artifacts in its “Sex Through the Ages” exhibit, testing modern views and accusations that today’s society is too “loose.” A great choice if you so happen to be traveling through this fine European city.

(Amsterdam is known for it’s world famous museums but I’m sure you will enjoy this one the most.)

2. Museum of Sex – New York City, New York

Hosting 15 exhibits, 5 virtual installations and more than 15,000 erotic artifacts New York’s Museum of Sex proves to be a go-to place if you are into that sort of thing. But of course you are J. Unlike the more touristy, specialty sex museums this New York City hotspot is run by a board of advisers whose mission is sex education. This museum is dedicated to the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality focusing on a variety of sexual preferences and subcultures, including lesbian and gay history and erotica, BDSM, pornography , and sex work. So come on by the Museum of Sex if you’re not so inclined to leave the country just yet.

(But there’s more…)

3. Erotic Heritage Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

If you thought New York sounded exciting. You’ll be overjoyed to hear there is a world famous museum in our very own Sin City. That’s right; Las Vegas is home to the Erotic Heritage Museum. This museum has nine galleries featuring pictures, films and performance art. This museum is dedicated to sex appreciation of all kinds. And if you thought that was overly stimulating you will be delightfully surprised to experience any S&M fan’s dream come true, the House of Gord exhibit, showcasing the allure of ultra bondage. Something that really caught my attention, though, was the “Toilet Humor” exhibit. Feel free to stop by the bathroom for a good laugh at the countless dirty jokes graffitied on the walls. But don’t be afraid to make your own contribution. And last, but not least, this one really takes the cake on interactivity offering workshops, lectures, and film clubs, even live performance, erotic poetry, dance and music. The museum’s philosophy leaves you with the idea that many of us will agree upon stating that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience and that such pleasure must be made available to all.

(Moving along…)

4. Musee de L’Erotisme – Paris, France

This museum is quite unique in itself. The Musee de L’Erotisme is devoted to the art of making love and the preservation of artifacts throughout the ages. Featured along its seven floors are four permanent exhibits and an array of other interesting displays. Some of these include, but are not limited to; the Contemporary Art Exhibit, the Brothel Exhibit, and the Sacred Art Exhibit, displaying amulets, masks and spiritual objects used in an assortment of sexual celebrations. The collection ranges from the ancient religious art of India, Japan and Africa right up to contemporary art with a strictly erotic focus. Simply put, this museum will culturally engage the most curious of minds.

(Traveling through? This is the place to be.)

5. Sex Machines Museum – Prague, Czech Republic

Sex Machines Museum? Even the name sounds intriguing. Doesn’t it? We’ll this museum is exactly what it says it is. Imagine: More than 200 sex appliances scattered throughout three floors showcasing an abundance of extraordinary and unusual ways people pleasure themselves. The museum even features it’s very own cinema displaying age-old erotic films, one in particular, “Ladies’ Cabinet” being one of the very first scenes in history to capture a threesome. Throughout the rest of the museum you will find collections including body harnesses, instruments of sexual stimulation of all types, and chairs designed for “absolute domination.” These are among the many exciting displays you will witness while perusing the museum’s grounds. You won’t want to miss this!

(So strap your self in and enjoy this kinky experience)

6. Erotic Art Museum – Hamburg, Germany

And last but not least, the great sex museum of Hamburg Germany. Open 365 days a year, this museum displays the world’s largest publicly accessible collection of sexualized art. With more than 1,000 works of art illustrating that anything is possible on paper and canvas, including sex, your mind is in for a pleasant bender. Although Hamburg is famous for its erotic atmosphere, this museum takes a more intellectual look at sex, featuring an international collection of erotic artifacts from throughout history. Next to bars, strip shows, gambling houses, and sex shops, the unusual museum has found its place in an old hat factory. Of course the main subject is eroticism, but not from a pornographic, but from an artistic point of view. If you’re tired of hitting all the same old strip clubs and watching porn from home come on by and educate your self on the subject of erotic love.

(You will never forget this!)

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