Sometimes a bitch gets tired of jerking guys off…on the phone. Haha, true story! Not only do I have to do that, but I gotta make sure you keep on coming back. So a bitch has to tweet constantly, blog constantly and keep it all going. Phone sex is not as easy as people make it out to be; it’s very competitive out here on the web – so many internet-savvy chicks are vying for your attention & so am I. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I love my job and I’d be stupid broke if I stopped; but I get tired of it too.

So like the rest of the human rat race, I need to take a little vacation. I won’t be blogging here as much. But maybe if I have a really good post up my sleeve, I will post! But until then, enjoy the archives…and enjoy this Valentine throwback from 2013! Now be a good boy & show Mom how you do it! ;)

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I was lurking on Twitter when I stumbled upon this girl. I literally had to do a doubletake because I wasn’t sure if she was trans. Her name is Jessica Versace, hailing from Italy. So young & so fucking cute, I really can’t stand it…

If you have a hot tranny fantasy that you’re DYING to express, call now sexy!

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Another Throwback Thursday is here and the hits just keep on coming! This one is from 2012. It may seem like we toot our own horn a lot around here, but then again who else is gonna do it? It’s a DIY society – which means often times you just have to DO IT YOURSELF. At least with phone sex, you have a sexy voice to assist you in getting off! So if real life is getting you down, fucking treat yourself! Call and tell us your most secret, most uninhibited taboo fantasy!

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Hope you like the original, sexy content we’ve been giving you. And thanks for all the recent searches on Google! We haven’t ranked in years, but glad to know you still care enough to do a search for us. We’re pretty much the internet’s best kept secret (well, at least in the phone sex world)! Haha jk! No really, we are ;) Anyhoo here’s another throwback, this time from 2011. Wow what a babe, and she kinda likes it a little rough by the way. Enjoy!

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Miko is young and very pretty. She is shy, yet there is a seductive side to her. You can tell she is burning up with desire and really wants to get to know a sexy American man. You should call Miko now and get her to reveal her most secret fantasies!

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That dreaded love holiday is coming around the fucking corner. And you know you’re gonna hear about it whether you like it or not. Well, don’t fret! You’ll never be lonely as long as we’re around. And we can cut to the chase and get to sexing each other without the expensive flowers & candy. Now that’s the best shit EVER! I always say: get YOURS any.which.way.YOU.can. So make sure to call us baby! xox

p.s. this pretty young nymph with a bangin’ bod is already waiting for YOU!

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