Happy fucking hump day ladies and gents! We hope you are having a fun, SEX-filled start to your summer. But if you need to kill some time or need to get off, you know who to visit online (DUH, us!) and you know who to call (DUH, us again!). We just updated another one of our phone sex sites, this one is for the gay or just curious boys – visit http://www.800wetdick.com/ย  or

Callย 1-800-WET-DICK


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Gay or just bi-curious?

We didn’t forget about you. If you’re looking for straight up gay phone sex or just looking to talk to another guy about anything, we’ve got you covered man! Go to www.800wetdick.com or:

Callย 1-800-WET-DICK


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800 WET DICK โ€“ bros before hos!