Do you remember this post? After lurking on Tumblr, I just finally figured out who she was. Her name is Jane Marie and she’s a young & extremely hot transsexual model & porn star…a real “trap” if you know what I mean. I’m probably one of the last to know about her so here are some random pics that I found on the good ol’ internets. She is incredible!

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Sorry for posting this so late, I completely forgot tonight was the night! Well here is our throwback version of the Oscars from 2013! Enjoy ;)

P.S. I’m also aware that my use of #tbt isn’t appropriate because it’s not Thursday yet. But no fucks given over here.

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Ok I gotta admit, that’s as much Spanish that I know. But who cares anyway? Meet Monica – she’s a smoking hot Latina AND she’s packin’ something “extra”. Oh, and it’s HARD. Oralé!

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