Hello! Just wanted to send out another reminder that you can access our hot & sexy-as-fuck blog on your smartphone. You damn skippy. Not only are we phone sex operators, but we are also skilled in disrupting your mind through hypnotic imagery. When you want phone sex, you WILL think of us. We’re fucking easy (thus the name “Easy Girls”), and there’s really not a shit ton of bullshit to read on our blog. Hell yeah.

So that is all, have a fucktastic day! Click on the image to phone fuck now sexy! xox

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In case you haven’t noticed, EasyGirls.com has a new, hotter, sexier look. Just because you’re having phone sex with us doesn’t mean your eyes should be exposed to anything mediocre. We exist to bring you your ultimate fantasy in one seamless package. We are the channel that you should always tune in to.

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Feeling bummed out that Uncle Sam is taxing you? Shit, us too! Let Calgon take you away or even better – call your favorite phone sex sluts. As promised, here is the second part of Throwback Thursday’s Incum Tax Time. There’s something for everyone here. Crunching numbers. Business casual sex. Let’s phonefuck on your lunch break! ;)

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Another throwback Thursday is here! And yes, we love movies and we love sex. So why not combine the two together? This cover is from 2012. Bring out the popcorn and fuck instantly!

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Hope you like the original, sexy content we’ve been giving you. And thanks for all the recent searches on Google! We haven’t ranked in years, but glad to know you still care enough to do a search for us. We’re pretty much the internet’s best kept secret (well, at least in the phone sex world)! Haha jk! No really, we are ;) Anyhoo here’s another throwback, this time from 2011. Wow what a babe, and she kinda likes it a little rough by the way. Enjoy!

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According to this article at the Huffington Post, most Americans value their mobile phones more than they do sex (see infographic above). If you think about it, that’s not such a bad thing for us really. What is my freakin’ point, you ask? These statistics prove that the world is becoming more virtual and we are in the right place to be right now because we can combine the things that you love and serve it up to you: sex + mobile phones = mobile phone sex!! Yup, we’re pretty fucking smart and you know you love us over here at EasyGirls.com. So when you’re horny be sure to visit us on your phone, k? Can’t wait to phone fuck you! xoxox

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Did you know that you can view our sexy blog on your smartphone? Well now you know, sexy! We do our best to keep this blog updated regularly so you can check us out whenever you’re bored or horny…or both :)

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Sorry for posting this so late, I completely forgot tonight was the night! Well here is our throwback version of the Oscars from 2013! Enjoy ;)

P.S. I’m also aware that my use of #tbt isn’t appropriate because it’s not Thursday yet. But no fucks given over here.

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And you know why? Because deep down inside, we ALWAYS know what a guy wants. Just because a girl is slutty doesn’t mean she’s stupid. She gets what she wants and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. So drunk dial us baby & let’s fuck! #easygirls

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