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At EasyGirls.com, we really do aim to please. Sure I come off a bit bitchy sometimes when I hate the world, but I really do appreciate all of you who visit and read my words! So thank you!

Anywho, so what should I say about this? A sexy big woman with huge tits, a very cute young boy with a hardon mixed in with a gang of hard tgirls. They all have ONE THING in common: they’re very horny and very ready to fuck YOU.

Often times, our callers get easily bored with regular (vanilla) girls. That’s why we bring you the kinkier stuff! ;)

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Feeling bummed out that Uncle Sam is taxing you? Shit, us too! Let Calgon take you away or even better – call your favorite phone sex sluts. As promised, here is the second part of Throwback Thursday’s Incum Tax Time. There’s something for everyone here. Crunching numbers. Business casual sex. Let’s phonefuck on your lunch break! ;)

Call 1-800-ASK-4SEX


Click for Part 1 of Incum Tax Time


We didn’t forget about you. If you’re looking for straight up gay phone sex or just looking to talk to another guy about anything, we’ve got you covered man! Go to www.800wetdick.com or:

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