I was going thru old magazines in my room when I stumbled upon this. Sorry for the crappy photo but I thought it was a really good read. Nina Hartley dispenses very good advice for anyone going into sex work aka becoming a porn star. I posted this here because I think some of it also applies to PSOs (Phone Sex Operators) & other sex workers like this little gem:

6. Do not let any romantic partner shame you for what you do.

The FIRST time they throw your job in your face during an argument, show them the door and lose their number. Do not permit slut shaming for an instant. Shaming is when another projects their issues on to you, using your job as an excuse. It may be hard to stand up to them, but you must. Plus, just accept that your family WILL find out sooner or later and you’ll have to deal with that fallout. I have one sibling who, after 30 years, still barely speaks to me.


Do you ever feel like you’re floating away into another dimension, kinda like daydreaming or having a mild outer body experience? You’re in another dimension staring at the same thing – over and over again – hypnotized by the movement and imagining the vibration and jiggle of DAT ASS. It’s not even sexual really (well maybe a little), but it’s more like a soothing, relaxing, hypnotic…even euphoric kind of feeling. Not to get too mental about it (because I have shit to do), but this GIF has that effect on me. I feel like I can go on about my day now in a very relaxed state.

Now spank my ass and spread my cheeks, my own words just turned me on.


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You’ve probably heard me say this a billion times already, but I’m busy as fuck around here. I suck, I moan, I roleplay, tell stories, and listen to you like I’m your personal therapist. Yup, my job is definitely more than just “phone sex”. No complaints though, I LOVE working from home! Sometimes I get a little loud though and I’m pretty sure my neighbors can hear me (apartment life, know what I’m saying?). True story, ha!
So yes, I took time out of my busy day to post this fine ass bitch. If you wanna look her up, her name is TS Melanie Milano. What a GODDESS okay?! Yum yum yum. I posted this because someone keeps searching for “black shemales with big dicks”. Well here you go, buddy boy! You better fucking call us! Just saying.

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At EasyGirls.com, we really do aim to please. Sure I come off a bit bitchy sometimes when I hate the world, but I really do appreciate all of you who visit and read my words! So thank you!

Anywho, so what should I say about this? A sexy big woman with huge tits, a very cute young boy with a hardon mixed in with a gang of hard tgirls. They all have ONE THING in common: they’re very horny and very ready to fuck YOU.

Often times, our callers get easily bored with regular (vanilla) girls. That’s why we bring you the kinkier stuff! ;)

So enjoy the visuals & call now:



Sorry, I’ve been MIA. What can I say, I’m a busy little phone sex slut. I do it all damn it, I get fucked in ALL MY HOLES so I hope you’ve been enjoying the archives! xx

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Here’s a sexy cartoon I dug up on the good ol’ internets. I know you’re out there, looking for that perfect shemale to pound you in the ass with her massive black cock. You love it so fucking much yet can’t really find this perfect woman in real life & that’s why you’re here. Well, you know what to do baby! Click the phone sex number below, get hard, lube up & get in your favorite position!


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This is getting really old. Like I get you want something for free but seriously – it’s not gonna happen. You might get it for free the first time, but after that – you gotta pay up honey! This is a service just like any other, it just so happens to be a virtual exchange of goods. Just like going to the movies, you are paying to be entertained (and in this case – blow your load).

There are real girls (wo)manning these lines, and they gotta get paid just like the rest of us who have to work.

So please, kill that shit.

P.S. I DOUBT anything I just said will have any effect so fuck it. Call if you wanna fuck a hot MILF!

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Why? Because you’ve stepped into a parallel world, where all your perverted desires come true.

That bitch is relentless, she can be a real cunt. You know who I’m talking about; the number one woman in your life, the one you hold in the highest regard yet can’t stand to be around her for too long? No matter how much you try to get her out of your head (and cock), she’s still there – punishing you, tormenting you with the ugliest words, treating you like you’re still a child. She’s constantly fucking with your head, reminding you what a worthless son of a bitch you are. She knows she has the upper hand.

And she’s probably right. You ARE a worthless son of a bitch. Look at you, you’re reading this & getting a hardon. You’re having all sorts of feelings and you can’t even control them – rage, anger, hatred and even lust…for your own mother? You’re a sick fucking bastard, that’s what.

There are days when you hate her so fucking much that you have fantasies of wanting to yell at her, strangle her, fondle her tits and then violently rip her clothes off, turn her around & pull her panties down and show her that you’re not a stupid little boy anymore.

Call now to show Mother what you’re made of!

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It’s been quite a year so far, hasn’t it? Trans people, women of color and big butts have become more of a thing (not that they weren’t before, just a lot more exposure now) and that’s GREAT! The porn world definitely needs more diversity. Anyway, hope you are having a good day so far. As usual if you’re digging it, call & make your Tranny Phone Sex fantasies cum true!

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