Call 1-800-BIG-TITS

Wow it’s been a long fucking time since I’ve updated this blog. Crazy, right? Where the fuck have I been? Let’s just say, I’ve been managing a newer phone sex blog so obviously this one’s gotten neglected.

But not to worry my perverts, I might be back. Or not. Whatever.

I love phone sex commercial spoofs, they’re funny as fuck and they make my day. There has to be humor in what I do or else I’d be very sad and probably just kill myself.

But seriously though, who’s the babe? She’s HOT!! And can we say TIG OL’ BITTIES much??😍😍😍

Good job Huf, you’ve got me to pay attention!

So fuck it, you wanna have some one-on-one phone sex fun for real?? Click or call the phone number below!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Not phone sex related at all but if you’re bored and want to watch two super cute girls answer dirty questions, then this is for you.

Karlee Grey is an adult film actress and Lena the Plug is famous on social media – I found her on YouTube; they are both really intelligent, funny and just fun to watch. I had nothing else to do, so yeah I watched. If I were a guy, I’d probably rub one out ’cause they’re both really hot and busty. Enjoy!

Or you can just call for some good old fashioned phone sex and talk to a real person, it’s up to you. Just click the phone number below:

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I think it’s great how phone sex is being destigmatized and talked about in a more positive light; it’s been a topic of discussion on social media for some time now, especially YouTube. The truth is, I haven’t been inspired by phone sex lately – I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m sort of having an ‘existential crisis-slash-I don’t know what to do with myself anymore’ moment and so I haven’t posted anything here. But I searched “phone sex” on YouTube and found this gem, I laughed and loved the people in it and so had to share this with you as you all know I’m all about humor and funny ass shit. So have a laugh and enjoy!

If you feel compelled to call, just click that phone number baby!😘

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


For gay phone sex, call 1-800-WET-DICK

This is Denise Milani. She looks MILFY as fuck here so I pulled her pic just for you. Here is her Instagram.

Fap to this pic along with a sexyass voice!😍

Call 1-800-HOTMILF

Mondays fucking suck. I’m trying to have a better PMA and shit but fuck. I just wanna cuss everyone out today and tell everyone to fuck off. I don’t wanna read anymore of your annoying fucking emails, I don’t want to do anymore fucking work. JUST GO AWAY AND LET ME LOOK AT MEMES.😫

I’m raging pretty hard right now and I’m horny as fuck too, blame my period! I feel like getting pounded hard on the phone while I ride one of my favorite toys saying “OH FUCK, FUCK YEAH. SLIDE THAT COCK IN REAL GOOD, BABY…MY PUSSY IS ALL BLOODY AND SLIPPERY AND WET FOR YOU…MY JUICES ARE LITERALLY DRIPPING DOWN MY THIGHS…OH YEAH BABY THAT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOD, YOU’RE GUNNA MAKE ME CUM HARD ALL OVER YOUR BIG, HARD FUCKING COCK!!”😮🍆💦

So who’s down for some agressive phone sex right now?? CALL ME IF YOU’RE ANGRY AS FUCK TOO!!


Call 1-800-PHONESEX*

Fuckin dying over here, holmes! I briefly read the comments and someone said they actually called it and it’s real?? Even better!😂

Anyways, if you wanna call us for phone sex you know what to do!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX*

The only way you can have ‘Mom’ all to yourself is to call. Otherwise, she’s a busy fucking lady in real life – cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to school, pleasing her husband and being effortlessly sexy. So you better make it worth her time, otherwise she’s hanging up!

Just kidding.

But seriously though, be prepared. Don’t be shy to tell me what you want, ok?😘

Call: 1-800-MOM-SEX-4U