Hope you like the original, sexy content we’ve been giving you. And thanks for all the recent searches on Google! We haven’t ranked in years, but glad to know you still care enough to do a search for us. We’re pretty much the internet’s best kept secret (well, at least in the phone sex world)! Haha jk! No really, we are ;) Anyhoo here’s another throwback, this time from 2011. Wow what a babe, and she kinda likes it a little rough by the way. Enjoy!

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According to this article at the Huffington Post, most Americans value their mobile phones more than they do sex (see infographic above). If you think about it, that’s not such a bad thing for us really. What is my freakin’ point, you ask? These statistics prove that the world is becoming more virtual and we are in the right place to be right now because we can combine the things that you love and serve it up to you: sex + mobile phones = mobile phone sex!! Yup, we’re pretty fucking smart and you know you love us over here at EasyGirls.com. So when you’re horny be sure to visit us on your phone, k? Can’t wait to phone fuck you! xoxox

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It’s true…when my parents aren’t home, I love to get naked and start playing with myself! But honestly, playing with myself can get old pretty quickly. I get REALLY horny and want to invite an older guy over. And guess what? I have a secret to tell you. So c’mon, let’s fuck around mister. You know you want to…

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Do you remember this post? After lurking on Tumblr, I just finally figured out who she was. Her name is Jane Marie and she’s a young & extremely hot transsexual model & porn star…a real “trap” if you know what I mean. I’m probably one of the last to know about her so here are some random pics that I found on the good ol’ internets. She is incredible!

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