Let’s be honest here, okay? Not all of us are gonna be going out to dinner and a movie this weekend with someone. And who wants to go out anyway, it’s gonna be crowded as fuck everywhere! I hate crowds and I hate waiting in line. Valentine’s Day is for regular people, and I am NOT a regular person. Bah humbug! Lol. So yeah, I’m probably gonna be holed up in my apartment, watching all kinds of porn (big dicks are my favorite), getting REALLY WET & rubbing one out a few times and talking to guys on the phone.

My best friend (who’s also a phone sex chick btw with a VERY sexy voice and might I add is hot in real life) will most likely come over and keep me company. She’s weird and freaky like me, and if you saw us together you’d probably think we’re sisters. We’re gonna hang out, eat pizza in our underwear, drink beer, laugh and talk shit about people we hate, and if you call…we’ll probably be drunk and we’ll probably be VERY horny by then…and then we’re gonna give you the BEST phone sex threesome gangbang mindfuck you’ve ever had, because we’re damn good at it. And you’ll cum HARD, but seriously though…don’t cum too quick ok?! We HATE that shit.

So you just have to call & find out! Let’s fucking party phone sex style! Fuck V-Day lol xox

Call us! 1-800-745-PLAY


Life is pretty hard when you’re young & horny like me; like ALL I think about is sex. Is this normal? I can’t even concentrate sometimes, there’s days when I’m LITERALLY squirming in my seat and having wet, gushy dreams in class! To the point where it feels as if I peed myself. Guys my age wanna sext but for real…I wanna get fucked, pounded, slammed. I dream about an older man with a thick fucking cock. OMG, I can’t believe I just said that…

If you fit the description, call now Daddy!

Call now: 888-ASK-4SEX

Sometimes a bitch gets tired of jerking guys off…on the phone. Haha, true story! Not only do I have to do that, but I gotta make sure you keep on coming back. So a bitch has to tweet constantly, blog constantly and keep it all going. Phone sex is not as easy as people make it out to be; it’s very competitive out here on the web – so many internet-savvy chicks are vying for your attention & so am I. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I love my job and I’d be stupid broke if I stopped; but I get tired of it too.

So like the rest of the human rat race, I need to take a little vacation. I won’t be blogging here as much. But maybe if I have a really good post up my sleeve, I will post! But until then, enjoy the archives…and enjoy this Valentine throwback from 2013! Now be a good boy & show Mom how you do it! ;)

Call now! 800-455-CUMM


I know SOME of you like to actually read, right?! Well don’t miss out on this one because it’s damn good and it will make you horny whether you’re a man or a woman. And if it doesn’t make you horny, well then there’s something wrong with YOU. Just sayin’! ;P

Check out this erotic story from MIA the Phone Sexpert here:

Confessions of a Blow-Job Trading Road Slut


It’s freakin’ cold outside, so I’ve been staying home a lot. And I get soooo bored so easily, it’s not even funny. My bestie comes over sometimes and then we end up being bored…TOGETHER. Sounds kinda lame, right? We lie in bed together talking about how bored we are. But then we kinda start groping each other – first we strip down to our underwear and then we run our hands all over each other’s smooth skin. We bust out the camera and start taking sexy pics! We bumped chests while posing and ended up touching each other’s boobs! LOL! Do you see where this is going? Care to join us? WE LOVE playing with a very HARD piece of meat. If you like what you see mister, just click on the pic to call now! ;)

Call 888-DREAM-WET



Phone sex is hard work. Yeah, seriously! It’s similiar to working in an office: your room has to be quiet so there should be absolutely no distractions; you have to focus, pay attention and most of all – you have to work super HARD to make the guy CUM and feel satisfied. So you gotta respect the ladies who do this for a living. And don’t ask for a freebie either, it’s not gonna happen. Anyways, so that is my intro to this sexy throwback phone sex mailer from 2011. Is there a sexy co-worker on your mind? Maybe she’s your boss – you think she’s a mega bitch but you also think she’s hot as fuck? If so, tell us about it. Just click to call baby…

Call 800-ASK-4SEX


School kinda sucks. Getting up early, getting dressed, walking, running, being on time, paying attention in class, trying to stay awake for it all. But then again you know what’s fucking awesome? All the pretty girls you get to see all day, DUH! Young girls, school girls…horny, slutty girls! Can you even control that boner of yours??

So yeah, maybe school isn’t so bad after all? It’s pretty much the basis for all sorts of sexual fantasies.

Here’s a flashback phone sex mailer from 2012. You’re welcome! So, are you horny or what? Click on the pic to call NOW :)

Call 1-800-756-GIRL

I just discovered ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) recently – apparently it’s a phenomenon which hasn’t been scientifically proven but a lot of people claim to have experienced it. You get tingling / chilling sensations from your brain to your spine from watching & listening to soothing sounds such as gentle whispering, plastic crinkling, fingernails tapping, etc. Sounds boring, but I have watched a couple of videos where I couldn’t sleep and it worked. I mean let’s face it – when you work as a PSO (Phone Sex Operator) – you don’t really sleep like normal people do due to oddball hours. I haven’t experienced the tingling part though. ASMR is not meant to be for sexual stimulation, but if you get “sexually stimulated” from it, well then hey – that’s a bonus for you! ;)

Ok, for the most part, I try to stay out of political matters. But I always have, and always will, stick up for women’s rights as the proud, modern, unashamed woman that I am. I mean, I work in the adult industry—that takes a good deal of being open-minded and liberal in such matters. I don’t know what my “client’s” political affiliations are (and trust me, politics are the LAST thing on their minds when they’ve got me on the phone), and I don’t care because it has nothing to do with what we are doing. I’m a real live and let live kind of girl, and that certainly goes with the territory. And I’m lucky, in a sense: I practice the safest sex ever— phone sex!

But when I do engage in –ahem- actual physical contact, I use protection. However, in those rare cases I’m in a relationship, that gets old, and after awhile you want that more intimate, skin-on-skin contact with a partner you’ve come to know and trust. So in that case, a girl like me relies on birth control. It makes sense, right? I don’t need, nor want, 10 kids running around. I’m not ready for children, and damn it—WHY OH WHY are there people out there that can’t respect not only my RIGHT to feel that way, but also my GOOD SENSE in being able to know the difference between being ready for the biggest responsibility a person can have, and not being ready? This isn’t a pro-choice rant: I’m NOT going to say/write a peep about abortion. I won’t touch that topic with a ten-foot pole on here. But we are talking LONG BEFORE a baby is involved. No harm, no foul. Why on earth would any group of people want to deny a woman reasonable and affordable means to abstain from having children? Think about it—if she can’t even afford to pay outright for birth control, how on earth could she afford to actually raise a child? And if a woman is clearly saying she’s not in the right mental or emotional place to take that on, why should that bother ANYONE? I thought taking OWNERSHIP of your own flaws, shortcomings, and whatnot was supposed to be a good thing? Not that not having or wanting kids is a flaw—my point it just that people do a lot of stupid things for a lot of stupid reasons, or no reason at all. When a woman is smart enough to know what she wants and what she is or isn’t capable of, we should COMMEND her, not CONDEMN her, for this.

Right now law makers in Arizona are trying to help employers get out of covering birth control in their health insurance plans if a woman doesn’t MEDICALLY need to use it, such as in the case of PCOS. So having perspective on where we are at in life means nothing? Not wanting children, which is everyone’s right to chose just as much as the decision TO have them means nothing?

Why do I get the feeling these are the same folks that would call me a whore for what I do? An abomination for not wanting to be a mother. A brazen strumpet for peddling sex for a living, even when I’m never face-to-face with my “lovers”.

I believe phone sex and other forms of pornography fill a gap in people’s lives. I’ve talked with and made phone love to men who were hurting emotionally, in places where women were not available to them, and even just guys who are too shy to approach women. I provide an outlet for these guys, and that makes ME feel good inside. I get off on getting them off. I get off on making people feel good. How could anyone think this a sin? Because at the end of the day, we are ALL sexual creatures. If we weren’t we’d die off. Not everyone needs to procreate, but everyone DOES need to have sex. The body yearns for this, despite our best efforts sometimes!

Dear readers, my beloved perverts…please think twice before you take any more power away from us ladies. I couldn’t be here serving you up amazing “O’s” if I had a kid on each hip. I’m not ready. And I might not ever be. So what? Who is it hurting? Less taxes out of your pocket, right? Shouldn’t they all rejoice this choice? And If society protects my right to say “I’m not ready yet” regarding having sex in the first place (no means no!), why do they not want to protect my right to say I’m not ready to have children, which is a thousand times more of a big commitment?

Ok, ok, Sedussa is done bitching for today. Back to the phone so I can work off the terrible headache this subject has given me with some good, old-fashioned phone fucking! I fuck, therefore I am. No baby required. ;P

-Sedussa <3