Happy Throwback Thursday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a throwback mailer. I think it was a good idea to recycle these into digital format, don’t ya think? Nothing goes to waste, everything is recycled. It’s like when I finally tell my open-minded friends that I’m a phone sex operator, the VERY first thing they always say is “WTF, phone sex is STILL around??” Abso-fucking-lutely YES, believe it or not. It’s safer than prostitution, I’ll tell you that. So like I said, nothing ever really goes away.

So reach out & touch someone.

Call now: 888-ASK-4SEX

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a sexy GIF. Here you go, enjoy! And as always, call now if you’re a man who loves women with big fucking tits! She’d LOVE to rub your hard, smooth cock all over those sensitive nipples and inbetween her cleavage…


Call 888-4-SEXY-TIT

As you already know, I am pretty much obsessed with shemales aka chicks with dicks. I never even knew I would have such an obsession until I entered the wacky, weird world of phone sex. I just wanted to share with you a very sexy woman I stumbled upon while browsing on YouTube. Her name is Elizabeth Toppz and I am enthralled by her:

So if this turns you on and want to express your own shemale fantasies, call now baby!



Life is pretty hard when you’re young & horny like me; like ALL I think about is sex. Is this normal? I can’t even concentrate sometimes, there’s days when I’m LITERALLY squirming in my seat and having wet, gushy dreams in class! To the point where it feels as if I peed myself. Guys my age wanna sext but for real…I wanna get fucked, pounded, slammed. I dream about an older man with a thick fucking cock. OMG, I can’t believe I just said that…

If you fit the description, call now Daddy!

Call now: 888-ASK-4SEX


Spring is just a few days away. I seriously can’t wait! Can’t wait for the snow to melt, can’t wait to go outside more, can’t wait to wear tank tops & short skirts, but most of all…I can’t wait to go on picnics & get naughty with my best friend! She’s so cute, and her skin smells like vanilla. Oh and her tits are nice to touch. I bet you’d like to know what we would do if YOU were there too? Call to find out, mister!

Call us! 888-2-SEXY-4U

You miss my dirty fucking mouth, don’t you baby? Well in case you were wondering where I’ve been, I blog over here too. Too bad there’s not enough of me to go around, otherwise I’d be blogging sexy stuff 24/7. I seriously need a clone of myself (then we’d probably be making out, groping each other and completely forget about promoting our phone sex blog), but I digress! Until then, enjoy the visuals & call now! It’s only 89¢ per min with a tiny $2.99 connect fee. Hope to hear you CUM soon! ;)


Call 1-800-PHONE-SEX*

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Sometimes a bitch gets tired of jerking guys off…on the phone. Haha, true story! Not only do I have to do that, but I gotta make sure you keep on coming back. So a bitch has to tweet constantly, blog constantly and keep it all going. Phone sex is not as easy as people make it out to be; it’s very competitive out here on the web – so many internet-savvy chicks are vying for your attention & so am I. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I love my job and I’d be stupid broke if I stopped; but I get tired of it too.

So like the rest of the human rat race, I need to take a little vacation. I won’t be blogging here as much. But maybe if I have a really good post up my sleeve, I will post! But until then, enjoy the archives…and enjoy this Valentine throwback from 2013! Now be a good boy & show Mom how you do it! ;)

Call now! 800-455-CUMM




I was lurking on Twitter when I stumbled upon this girl. I literally had to do a doubletake because I wasn’t sure if she was trans. Her name is Jessica Versace, hailing from Italy. So young & so fucking cute, I really can’t stand it…

If you have a hot tranny fantasy that you’re DYING to express, call now sexy!

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I know I said last time that I would be updating the blog regularly but lo & behold – I haven’t. Sorry about that! But then again, is anyone really reading this? So anyways we are here, behind the scenes mostly. We hope you’ve gotten a chance to check out our latest version of Easy Girls! Simplified to make your browsing & calling experience easier. After all, we must live up to our name, right? ;)

If you enjoy the bigger ladies – those hot, curvy women with BIG BOOBS, check out our BBW / TITS section!

I was searching for the right pic to go with this post. I love finding retro smut on the internet. Matches nicely with our blog too. If you’re horny, you know what to do!

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