We’ve been quiet around here, but please believe that our phone sex lines are constantly OFF THE HOOK! We are all over the place, constantly “working hard” to give you the best jerk off material. Anyways! Here’s a flashback mailer from 2013. So in the spirit of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday or whatever, you should “stuff” a naughty hottie with your rock hard D! HAPPY SEXGIVING!! Click on the pic to call ;)

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Our Woman Crush Wednesday belongs to Ava Lauren – a hot adult film star who just gets better with age. While a lot of our callers like ‘em young and barely legal, we also have callers who love ‘em mature. And let’s face it, MILFs pretty much rule and those who are young now will soon get old. Basically, Ava Lauren has it going on!! I hope to look as good as her when I’m her age. So yeah, enjoy these pics! And while you’re enjoying these pics & getting stiff down there you should call & talk to a hot & horny MILF right now…

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Another hump day is upon us and YES! We’ve got sex on our minds as usual, duh. Just wanted to send out another reminder that you can get your rocks off for just 89 cents per min by visiting 89centphonesex.com. Whatever fantasy you may have, we’ve got the girls to match! Teens, MILFs, Dommes & the ever-so-popular Chicks with Dicks and so much more are waiting for you to call. So have a fun & sexy time baby! xox


Phone sex is hard work. Yeah, seriously! It’s similiar to working in an office: your room has to be quiet so there should be absolutely no distractions; you have to focus, pay attention and most of all – you have to work super HARD to make the guy CUM and feel satisfied. So you gotta respect the ladies who do this for a living. And don’t ask for a freebie either, it’s not gonna happen. Anyways, so that is my intro to this sexy throwback phone sex mailer from 2011. Is there a sexy co-worker on your mind? Maybe she’s your boss – you think she’s a mega bitch but you also think she’s hot as fuck? If so, tell us about it. Just click to call baby…

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Our Throwback slash Tranny Crush Thursday belongs to Venus Van Dam from Sons of Anarchy. If you’ve watched this show for some time now, then you know who she is. Dude looks like a lady with a very nice rack! ;)


So, what is YOUR fantasy involving a shemale? Our t-ladies are standing by waiting for you to tell them!

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For all you hardcore porn watchers, here’s an interesting read from Pornhub Insights:

Pornhub’s Top Search Terms in US Cities

The map above is a screenshot from an older article titled:

What are Americans Searching for on Pornhub?

Soooo, what state are YOU from? Ha! ;)


Getting closer to a slutty, sexy Halloween! We know for a fact that our callers love hot moms, aka MILFs. There’s so much boner material right there. I mean, what young man hasn’t dreamt of being seduced by a hot, older woman? She already knows exactly what to do to make you explode, just making you beg for more. So here’s another throwback phone sex mailer from 2012. Enjoy and get to phone fucking a mature lady now! ;)

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I’ve already got Halloween on my mind, it’s seriously my favorite holiday. Why? Because my inner slut comes out and I can flaunt it to the world. I love dressing up with my best friend – feeling super sexy and showing off our bodies, it’s really the only time we get to do it! Sure it may all sound kinda cliché, but come on – how can you ignore a smoking hot nurse, or a Marilyn Monroe, or a slutty cop chick who wants to arrest you! We’re almost adults, but adults gotta have fun too, right? Well here’s me & my BFF just dressing up for fun & fooling around. We have no idea what we’re going to be yet BUT who cares! Aren’t we cute? My parents won’t be home for a while & we’d love to play with an older guy. Is that you, mister? Click on the pic to call us now. RAWR.

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