In cash strapped times like these, people are increasingly looking for creative and unconventional means to generate income. Job openings are scarce and companies have learned to do more with less as a result of the recession. The economy has been permanently restructured. There is hope, however. For the out-of-work woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, phone sex operating should be an appealing career choice.

Getting Started

PSO positions can be found on job boards such as or by directly contacting dispatch companies like,, or Additionally, there are PSO communities, being one example, that can assist a PSO or an aspiring PSO find work. Those who are just starting are advised to seek employment with a dispatch company to gain experience rather than venture out independently. It’s a guaranteed paycheck and can provide invaluable knowledge of the industry and proper practices.

Excelling as a PSO

On average, PSOs make anywhere from $1K to $3K monthly, depending on employment status (dispatch companies might fix the wage regardless of success/conversion rate). As with any job, success is not guaranteed. It requires hard work and a capacity to self-evaluate in order to improve. There are several important qualifications and characteristics all effective PSOs possess:


The best PSOs are well versed in sexual topics (fetishes, terminology). Callers are often fetishized and want their Phone Sex Operators to be knowledgeable of all things sexual. The give-and-take of phone sex is much more energetic if the PSO is familiar with callers’ exotic and various desires. Pornography is a great resource for this type of research. Time spent with adult content means more comfort with discussing topics of a sexual nature. The callers are likely watching porn and what they see often becomes their fantasy. They want the girl in the movie who is open to doing anything.

Conversation Skills

Practicing conversational skills is a must. The best phone sex operators listen intently and respond enthusiastically with good follow-up questions. Effective call and response is essential to any phone sex experience.


The number one quality you need is respect. Your clients have many valid reasons for seeking your services. Whether you work for a paid service or a free phone sex service, respect for your client enhances your client’s phone sex experience.

Creativity and Imagination

There’s a level of fantasy in phone sex. Each caller’s idea of the ideal fantasy is unique. Acting and being able to take clues from a caller enhances the sexual experience – the better the fantasy, the better the conversation. Stoke the imagination and create a sense of mystery for your caller.


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