It’s freakin’ cold outside, so I’ve been staying home a lot. And I get soooo bored so easily, it’s not even funny. My bestie comes over sometimes and then we end up being bored…TOGETHER. Sounds kinda lame, right? We lie in bed together talking about how bored we are. But then we kinda start groping each other – first we strip down to our underwear and then we run our hands all over each other’s smooth skin. We bust out the camera and start taking sexy pics! We bumped chests while posing and ended up touching each other’s boobs! LOL! Do you see where this is going? Care to join us? WE LOVE playing with a very HARD piece of meat. If you like what you see mister, just click on the pic to call now! ;)

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It’s been quiet around here but our phone sex lines are still ringing more than ever! Anyway, did you miss us? Here is another one from our archives – this one is from 2011. So if it turns you on, you know what to do baby! ;)

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