How great is it to know that us ladies still have something to look forward to as we age! Pornstar MILF actress Julia Ann proves that age is bullshit. Nina Hartley is much older and she looks fucking great too. There’s a handful of ladies that are thriving and doing it well in an industry that values youth and tight skin and so I have nothing but the utmost respect for these mature babes.

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Her name was Christina. She was the cashier manager at the university bookstore where he worked. She was a bitch, but she radiated sex. He glanced over from his register to where she stood, her eyes downcast, head tilted slightly to the right as she rung up a return. The slut. Her eyes were cool and bored. They were the same color as her coffee-and-cream skin. She wore a bright pink sweater today, and he could see the bulge of her nipples beneath it’s thin fabric. She couldn’t be wearing a bra. He felt his cock start to get hard inside his pants.

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Looking hot and fierce in latex. Imagine being dominated by these seductive tgirls — first, a hard spanking that will leave your ass red and raw, followed by Natassia forcing her rock hard candy stick into your mouth while getting pounded in the ass HARD by Yasmin. I doubt even the straightest man can deny his urges once he is in the presence of these two Goddesses. Enjoy the photo & call now if you have a hot transsexual fantasy you want to talk about:

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I know SOME of you like to actually read, right?! Well don’t miss out on this one because it’s damn good and it will make you horny whether you’re a man or a woman. And if it doesn’t make you horny, well then there’s something wrong with YOU. Just sayin’! ;P

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For all you hardcore porn watchers, here’s an interesting read from Pornhub Insights:

Pornhub’s Top Search Terms in US Cities

The map above is a screenshot from an older article titled:

What are Americans Searching for on Pornhub?

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