There are few people in this world with as much mastery of the depraved as John Waters. True, ever since the late 70’s he’s gotten more mild and mainstream, and let’s face it—how can one top Pink Flamingos? But I was reminded (and inspired) last night that sexual depravity CAN be an art form. I re-watched “A Dirty Shame”, and had forgotten just how funny this movie is. The very idea that sexual addiction is “a privilege” had me nodding empathically. And I found myself texting one-liners to my friends. A few faves:
“He has no right to be that hard!”
“Look, I’m not a prude—I’m married to an Italian.”
“It’s not safe out! People are shaving their crotches as we speak! There’s pubic hair in the air! Everywhere!”
I love Water’s ability to poke fun at the stick-up-their-arse folks who still think it reasonable to “wait until marriage”…folks who are so ashamed at their own sexuality that they have to lash out at others. I also love his ability to turn any kind of smut, depravity, or otherwise “gross” obsession into glamour. Sex will ALWAYS be a fascinating subject, and he handles it with the seriousness of a court jester, thankfully. I rely on people like Waters to shed some forgiving light on what I do. Yes, I love sex. All kinds of sex, with all kinds of people. I love my job. I love knowing I’ve pleased someone. And if that makes me a whore, so be it. There are less honorable ways of putting a roof over one’s head, I’m sure you’ll agree. At least we both know what the other wants, and is willing to give it.
It’s time for people to take the stigma out of sex and realize it’s a healthy, natural thing. We all do it, or, at least, we all WISH we were doing it! And further, fetishes are more commonplace than you think. This movie reveals some of the many “unusual” fetishes you might not have heard about. The point is– we’re out there! All around you!

So I just wanted to thank Mr. Waters for just pointing out what we are all thinking anyway. It’s time to go sexing!

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