man chowder

Ooooooh boy…every now and then, I get a caller that says something that really makes me laugh and just takes me by total surprise. You’d think in this line of work it would be HARD to be surprised, but no! Sometimes I have to hold back an urge to just LOL…and it ain’t easy!

So I was on the phone last night with a caller from Kentucky. I love my southern callers—the accent is both charming and funny, and they are usually pretty nice guys, and young too. I like to picture them all as sexy cowboys with thick, 8” cocks who like it a bit rough…so anyway, we were getting into it; I had his pants around his ankles, and he was doing what you boys do, and yeah, I might have had my panties down too (it’s important to enjoy your work!) and I was starting to feel myself getting close, and I could hear HE was definitely close. Everything was perfect, and right as he came (beating me to my big O), he shouted: “Take that man chowder, bitch!”

MAN CHOWDER?! I could hardly contain my laughter – I actually about fell out of my chair, my own orgasm be damned for the moment, when he said this. The idea of picturing his cum with little chunks of potato and clam in there…it was TOO FUCKING FUNNY!  Jim Carey as Ace Ventura popped into my head and I almost wanted to ask him “New York, or Manhattan?”

But don’t worry, I still got my O—I ALWAYS do. It just had a momentary interruption!

I had NEVER heard that term before– and like I said, I thought I’d heard it all– but damn, that shit is hilarious! I may just have to add that one to my little sexy lexicon! Yes, boys, I will eat every last bite of your delicious man chowder! Keep it warm for me, OK? You’d like that, right? ;)  If it tastes as good as it sounds, it’s a date!

OK, signing off for now, your favorite little slut phone goddess,

Sedussa <3

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