Everybody is sooo into fitness these days. I guess I am too but my workouts are usually half-assed. But seriously though, don’t work out too hard where those titties get small. Stay voluptuous, stay thick and keep those beautiful tits huge by any means necessary! ;)

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Her name was Christina. She was the cashier manager at the university bookstore where he worked. She was a bitch, but she radiated sex. He glanced over from his register to where she stood, her eyes downcast, head tilted slightly to the right as she rung up a return. The slut. Her eyes were cool and bored. They were the same color as her coffee-and-cream skin. She wore a bright pink sweater today, and he could see the bulge of her nipples beneath it’s thin fabric. She couldn’t be wearing a bra. He felt his cock start to get hard inside his pants.

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Happy Earth Day! We hope our blog visitors appreciate Earth as much as we do…

Enjoy this girl with her bushy twat.

Bend down and get a whiff of her natural, musty scent wafting up to your nose.

Slide your fingers into her tight, wet slit and get a taste…splitting it wide open while getting entangled in her hairyness.

Pull your fingers out & lick it all up. Tell me, how does it taste?

Then dive deep into her with your rock hard cock and go with the rhythm.

In and out, back and forth, she’s moaning and gyrating while you’re pumping and groaning.

Go faster, go harder.

Fill up all her holes, she desires your hot seed.

Mother Nature is beautiful and she wants you to cum inside her.

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It’s funny, awkward, but also really sexy! And if you want sexy, pay close attention to the interracial couple. Omfg, that was actually pretty damn HOT.

So how much hotter would it be with a completely anonymous person? Find out for yourself…

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Warning: you are about to read something very erotic and also blasphemous. If this offends you, well then tough luck. I’m feeling dark today.

Besides, who hasn’t envisioned a nun having sex with the devil? Reading this made me all tingly inside…

forbidden-sex-magick1 forbidden-sex-magick2


Sorry to disappoint but my adult fantasy isn’t very exciting or creative.

I watched Batman vs. Superman recently and it was really hard to choose who I would go for:

on the one hand you’ve got Superman aka Clark Kent – dark hair, blue eyes, handsome, strong yet gentle & totally out of this world.

On the other hand, you’ve got Batman aka Bruce Wayne – also handsome, wealthy, mysterious and kind of dark around the edges.

They are both equally fit and so very attractive; I would fuck them both in a heartbeat.

And Wonder Woman would probably be my girlfriend in an alternate universe but she would probably be too busy for me so…

let’s get back to Batman & Superman.

Like I said, my fantasy is nothing out of the ordinary. I really just want to get banged by both of these men at the same time.

I would want to start off slow of course, taking turns kissing them and touching their chiseled faces. I’m wearing office attire just like Lois Lane (except my hair is dark and I’m a lot more curvy & busty) – white button up shirt, black pencil skirt and heels, my hair tied up in a bun. I rub my hands up and down their hard, smooth bodies and can feel their cocks rising up to meet my hands.

We don’t have sex right away. We’re just kissing and groping each other for some time. I haven’t figured out how these two hunks of flesh are going to undress themselves and start pounding me, I suppose it just happens somehow…

I lead them both to the couch so I can take turns straddling them. I take turns kissing them while I’m on all fours, I take a playful bite at Superman’s rock hard cock and he flings me back with superhuman strength and Batman catches me. He’s got a tight grip on me and I’m now sandwiched in between these two, insanely strong men; I can feel Batman’s hardon poking me from behind his suit and starts to unzip and pull my skirt down while Superman unbuttons my shirt and presses himself hard against me. He starts to put his hand around my neck and my tits, kisses me sloppily (as if he was the evil version of himself) while Batman pulls my panties halfway down and slides his black gloved hands up my dripping wet slit. By this time I can’t stand it, I am so fucking turned on. I’m really trying to control myself but I’m breathing heavily, my boobs are glistening in sweat and perfume and my panties are already beyond soaked. I think I already came? I don’t even know, but this is truly beyond my wildest dreams. I wish this moment would last forever.

Do you want to know what happens next?

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sexy cute girl studying

Here’s a short story submitted by a friend of mine (a guy):


For whatever reason, I tend to attract bitchy, cunty women. Like they just think they can tell me what to do, be mean to me and I’ll totally accept it. Which is sad but quite true.

You see I’m kind of a mama’s boy, meaning I clung to my mom a lot as a kid and into my teens. She was divorced and mostly single, worked a lot and so it was basically me and her for a long time. She’d take me to school, then my friend’s mom would drop me off and I would wait for her to come home from work and we’d have dinner together.

It wasn’t always peaches and cream growing up around my mom though, she was kind of a fucking cunt. She would yell at me a lot and boss me around. She would make me do ALL kinds of chores – mop, clean the bathroom, do laundry, fold clothes and shit…like I was her personal fucking slave or something.

Yet believe it or not, I always did whatever she fucking said. I gave her dirty looks, cussed her out in my head but I never talked back. I was respectful as fuck. Then when I was done, she would come over, give me a hug and a kiss and say “you’re such a good son!”

The odd thing was, her bossing me around actually turned me on. As soon as I was done with all my chores, I was free. And then she’d switch off & was so sweet afterwards, she’d say “thank you, honey! I love you! You know, this is really for your own good.”

So I’d go to my room, lock the door, hop into bed and pull down my pants and start reliving the moment again…while jacking off to my mom.

I have vivid memories of her yelling at me and while she did, her gorgeous figure loomed over me – her heaving breasts, her wide hips and round ass, the way she smelled, her disapproving face, she was actually sexy as hell.

Even when I lost my virginity at 15, I was having all kinds of sex. But nothing really got me off as when I thought of my own damn mother. Yup, I’m one sick puppy!

Well one day, things changed. As I got older, I started going out more. I think that’s when my mom thought it was ok for her to start dating again, ‘cuz I was hardly home anymore. So my mom got herself a boyfriend, and guess what? It made me real fucking jealous. I just got replaced by some older dude and he’s plowing my mom!

I imagined them fucking, I imagined her moaning and groaning. It pissed me off and it got me even harder.

I wanted to be the one to do things to her, to make her feel good. I wanted to stare at her with her legs crossed, smoking a cigarette while I mopped the floor. And then she would tell me “you missed a spot, baby” and take a puff.

“You don’t get to fuck your own mother until all your chores are done. Got it?”

Yes ma’am!

I really want my mom physically and I’m gonna make it happen somehow. To be continued…


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I know I tend to mention big dicks a lot. And yes, if you read this blog regularly then you know how much I LOVE them but for the rest of the population…

it’s okay to be average.

it’s also okay to be smaller than average.

But you know what I really don’t like? Small dick guys who overcompensate & become jerks through their words and actions.

Please don’t be a jerk, don’t buy into the idea that you are less of a man (unless it’s your kink or whatever). It’s easier to just come clean and be honest than be a literal dick to people. But hey, if you want to lose friends/respect from your peers then by all means, carry on.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that with phone sex or real life situations, get creative & use your imagination!

If your dick is small, be the best at licking pussy or to be gender-neutral here – giving head. They might be even down to try anal with you.

Remember boys and girls, porn is a fantasy. It is not real life. So don’t assume that your partner likes things a certain way just because you saw it in a porno. And don’t assume that your partner always likes it big! They might actually prefer something else. It may seem silly, but asking questions means you care about how the other person feels.

And that is my PSA for the day.

Is sex in real life still scary for you? Don’t worry, you can always have phone sex first! And who knows, you might learn a thing or two from our sexually skilled ladies ;)

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p.s. I had to put a sexy version of Ron Jeremy here, because this is how I want to remember The Hedgehog.


I’m so confused right now, I’m experiencing all kinds of feels. Remember that one time I talked about my slutty mom? Well guess what, that fucking cunt did it again!

I already knew she was a whore (I mean, she does sex work for a living), but being my mom and all – I didn’t think she would take it there! Would you? I thought she loved and cared about me, like a mother should! What is it with thirsty women – they always seem to want other people’s property?! Well I guess my mom wanted MY property – I thought my boyfriend would be stronger than that, but I guess my mom “seduced” him and whatnot. Gross.

Anyway it happened when I came home from work early one evening, unexpectedly. I wasn’t feeling so good so I asked if I could go home.

It was quiet in the house when I got there, I wasn’t sure if anyone was home. But then I started to hear a faint moaning coming from her bedroom, and I knew it was my mom. I figured it was one of her “virtual” clients whom she regularly fucks via webcam so I ignored it.

But then I started to hear someone else groan…someone much younger and it sounded like my boyfriend! I swear to God.

But still, I didn’t make my presence known. All kinds of thoughts were racing through my head and my heart was beating really fast. I was mad as hell but at the same time, I was also kinda curious. Curious because I’m a bigtime voyeur. Watching real people have sex is kind of a turn on for me. It may seem super gross to think about my mom and my boyfriend doing it – but actually, my mom is hot. I know this for a fact because everytime we go out, she gets ogled by guys and she gets hit on A LOT. It’s disgusting but it’s the truth, it’s been like this eversince I was a kid. My mom goes all out when she goes out – makeup, high heels, nails done, skintight jeans or a dress that shows off her figure with her tits popping out just enough that you HAVE to look. There was never a time when she wasn’t all dolled up – she even has makeup on when she goes to the gym! Seriously, WTF.

Anyway, so I stayed quiet as I could – slowly creeping up the carpeted stairs and tiptoeing on the hallway. The door was slightly open so I got to hear them do it. It was too risky to push the door so I could peek and have it creak on me, so I just listened. The room has a dim lamp but the hallway was dark so I couldn’t be seen. The sounds they were making sounded really good actually, enough to make me want to touch myself. Sounded like my mom was riding him on top and she was having a blast moaning and groaning with her massive tits out. I could even hear skin on skin action – like her cunt juices must’ve been dripping all over his hard dick as she rode him, her lips and asscheeks slapping against his balls. It probably got her really wet. My boyfriend has a nice dick afterall, even nicer when it’s rock hard.

I don’t know how long they were at it, but I know for a fact that my boyfriend doesn’t last very long, 10-15 minutes max. He’s gonna cum soon.

My mom is almost 40. I’m 19 and my boyfriend is 24. Not sure what to do at this point, but I think I’m not going to say anything for now. I’m gonna work this to my advantage. My revenge is going to be sooooo sweet…

After a few minutes of listening on them which felt like an eternity, I slowly backed out of there. I left the house, drove off and sat in my car for a bit, thinking about stuff. It was definitely a rush for me, so much that I shoved my hand down inside my panties and felt my own wetness.

This means I can get my fuck on too!!

Who will it be though…

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