Why? Because you’ve stepped into a parallel world, where all your perverted desires come true.

That bitch is relentless, she can be a real cunt. You know who I’m talking about; the number one woman in your life, the one you hold in the highest regard yet can’t stand to be around her for too long? No matter how much you try to get her out of your head (and cock), she’s still there – punishing you, tormenting you with the ugliest words, treating you like you’re still a child. She’s constantly fucking with your head, reminding you what a worthless son of a bitch you are. She knows she has the upper hand.

And she’s probably right. You ARE a worthless son of a bitch. Look at you, you’re reading this & getting a hardon. You’re having all sorts of feelings and you can’t even control them – rage, anger, hatred and even lust…for your own mother? You’re a sick fucking bastard, that’s what.

There are days when you hate her so fucking much that you have fantasies of wanting to yell at her, strangle her, fondle her tits and then violently rip her clothes off, turn her around & pull her panties down and show her that you’re not a stupid little boy anymore.

Call now to show Mother what you’re made of!

Call: 800-455-CUMM

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